Someday.. Somebody is going to call you beyond Dude, Brader, Bes, Brad, Beshie, Kap and other friendly term of endearment..

SOMEDAY.. That someday will come.. Just.Believe.

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Aged Love Letter

Sharing this letter after two years of being in my draft box.

My Sweetest and Faithful Lover,

Good morning. I wanna thank you for the gift of today (just like a song from a Mcdo commercial J). I thank you for the bright sun that gives light and warmth to cold hearts. Its rays enter into my heart telling me to never lose my faith amidst adversaries.

For the wind that kisses “good morning” on my cheeks. For the trees that give shade and rest to weary hearts–

For my sister who continues to “spoil” me with her sisterly love. For my new found friends whom I would like to get to know and lead to You.

For my new colleagues, well, though I still feel awkward, I believe that soon I can get to know them as well and build friendship that would help me reach out and walk with them in praising You.

And most of all, for Your stubborn love that never stops on following me and pulling me back to real and first reason of my existence.

My Lover, for how many times I’ve let You feel being ignored, forsaken and unloved. My eyes were deceived by the physical beauty this world is laying in front of me. This mind of mine was struck by all the polluted and sugar-coated thoughts that stole my attention from loving You.  My heart jumped into impulsive emotions and was misled by my vain love. I lost a handful of my treasures for having stakes in the wrong game. The bitter consequences ran after me and almost made me feel as if I am being devoured by the fangs of guilt, regrets, self-pity and hatred.

But, Your amazing grace wraps me and reminds me to never look at my glass half-empty. Instead, I must learn from all these fiascos and blunders and stop dwelling on my disobedient past. I cannot undo my history, only Your sacrifice can undo what I’ve become (“Undo” by Rush of Fools). All I can do is rely on Your hands, open my heart to Your discipline, let the old unfaithful heart of mine be broken and be replaced by a purified one. Help me overcome my unbelief and pride. I’ve got to let go and surrender all to Your will. I am nothing without You. I wanna get back to the track even if it would require me to leave my comfort zone. Give me courage and be with me always.


Your Beloved